Johnson Legal PC believes in giving back to the community through charitable contributions? to enrich the lives of us all. As such, Johnson Legal PC donates its time, service, and financial support to various educational and philanthropic organizations. Read some of our charitable contribution efforts below.


In 2010, our firm’s Partner, Adrian J. Johnson, Esq., established the Outstanding Graduate Student Annual Textbook Award Scholarship. This scholarship fund was established as a collaboration between Adrian J. Johnson, Esq., and Auburn University-Montgomery. As a graduate of Auburn University-Montgomery, he sought to help defray some of the cost of pursuing higher education studies. Since its inception, the scholarship fund has aided countless students in achieving their educational goals.


Our firm’s Partner, Adrian J. Johnson, Esq., established the Help Our Heroes Program in an effort to aide and give back to our heroes who have sacrificed so much to the greater public at large. Heroes include: military personnel, veterans, fire fighters and police officers. We the People, are recipients of the sacrifices of these individuals and their families.

At Johnson Legal PC, we believe these individuals should be afforded the best opportunities in regards to legal assistance and services. We strive to provide them top notch legal services at affordable rates, while not compromising on the quality of services they deserve.


Our firm’s Partner, Adrian J. Johnson, Esq., established the 10 X 1 Program in an effort to provide legal services to those who could not normally afford adequate legal services. It is our firms commitment to the public at large, and an assurance that all are given equal access to superb legal assistance. Here is how the 10 X 1 Program works:

For every ten (10) traditional clients that Johnson Legal PC assists with their legal issues, Johnson Legal PC will take on a pro-bono matter. Via the CONTACT page of our website, such individuals interested in being considered would provide the followings:

  1. Details of their legal matter
  2. Proof of financial standing reflecting a need for pro-bono legal services